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A Better Place To grow your business. Top SEO service company the top rated SEO Agency who is capable for ROI (Return of investment).

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Let’s discuss how we will increase revenue for your business. SEO Company in Bangladesh say “This confirms that SEO is the cheapest, only one way to increase business revenue”. We think the 5 points given below is the way of saving overhead cost to increase sales.

SEO Audit

This is a very important part to diagnosis the website by Top SEO audit agency to clarify the issues.​

Keyword Select

High quality & perfect keywords is the rhythm of website rank, which will use in contentment to describe all.

Google My Business setup

Dream of search engine ranking at # 1, which is the easiest way to setup GBP.​

Optimizing website

Optimization means to bring it all together as per google logarithm terms for to rank high.

Digital Marketing

After the success fully finish all task, start to explore your site & product to billions by Marketing.

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We are recommended by our client friends and colleagues. More than 70% of new customers come through referrals.

The average term of cooperation is 3 years: thanks to the results and excellent service.

Certified SEO Experts in Bangladesh

All employees have specialized certificates: Google Analytics, Google Ads, etc.

They are trained by the best SEO Experts and specialists in working with advertising channels. And more than fifty experts in search engine optimization, SMM, contextual and targeted advertising, SERM and ORM, web development, and sales growth.

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Certified SEO Experts In Bangladesh
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You are most welcome to ask any question, our team is ready to answer.

Most Affordable price for SEO Packages as like your Co-Worker
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Affordable monthly SEO Packages or customize solutions price.

Most Affordable price for SEO Packages as like your Co-Worker

Our team is ready to serve your requirements. If you are looking for a reliable SEO Agency to increase your sales, then you can take an interview to recruit your co-worker from Bangladesh.

The cheap digital marketing technique helps to increase revenue by utilizes the internet and online-based social media to promote services & products.

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SEO Service in BD with a Rank guarantee

As an SEO Service Company in Bangladesh, We attract customers, increase the visibility of sites in search engines. And reduce the cost per click, and lead in contextual and targeted advertising. 

We analyze traffic quality and user behavior, increasing conversion. For 5 years, we have helped more than 100 companies to achieve their goals through our SEO Service in Bangladesh.

We bring sites to the top in google: we achieve the best results for each client through the detailed elaboration of semantics, effective link building, typing & clustering of queries, analysis of competitors, elaboration of texts, conducting experiments, our system of technical analysis of visibility and competitors, knowledge of working methods.

We know the features of algorithms and their capabilities. We manage 100+ projects. There are 17 SEO specialists in Bangladesh on the staff.

As an SEO Service Company in Bangladesh, We strive to maximize the return on advertising budgets: we set up campaigns in detail, use all the new systems, set up end-to-end analytics and estimate the return on investment by channels, segment and improve indicators, test hypotheses. As a result, we increase the effectiveness of campaigns.

We create websites that make a profit. When developing, we design the paths of all target audience groups and entry points so that visitors receive answers, and the visit is converted into a sale. All sites are SEO ready and drive high converting traffic.

We analyze traffic quality and user behavior, increasing conversion.

Start from $200
We will bring to the TOP in Google, increase traffic and applications.

Financial guarantees in the contract
We will achieve the result or return all the money.

 The result from 3 weeks
Fixed SEO service and terms

Google My Business
On-Page SEO Report
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Traffic Report
WebMaster Report

Why people trust us as Best SEO Service Company in Bangladesh

We will develop an SEO strategy taking into account the specifics of the project. We will prepare only those recommendations that will ensure an increase in visibility in the TOP-10 on google, an increase in traffic, and targeted calls. The result will not be long in coming.
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We give Rank Guarantee in the contract (positions, traffic, conversion) and the timing of their achievement. We share the risks - we do not look for excuses and we return the money in proportion to the unfulfilled forecast.
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Any Plan with the work of "turnkey"
We take on all the work necessary for the growth of the project: we will prepare and implement recommendations for rank Top in Google. We will conduct a marketing audit, develop an adjustment from competitors, and increase the return on advertising channels.
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Clients opinion
As an SEO Company in Bangladesh

What is included in the work of SEO Service in BD?

  • Checking the speed, responsive layout for mobile.
  • We remove broken links, working off 404 pages.
  • Remove duplicate pages and content.
  • We install and configure the counters of the Metric and Analytics system.
  • Add Webmaster to Google.
  • Create a sitemap XML sitemap, set up a secure HTTPS protocol, etc.
  • We study search demand, competitors, and collect and/or update the semantic core
  • We define priorities by the client’s business goals.
  • Clustering requests;
  • We draw up a plan for creating and finalizing pages
  • We simplify the structure of the site, taking into account the latest requirements of search engines (Silo-structure, as the best solution).
  • We investigate the needs of users.
  • We make technical specifications, write texts and add the necessary elements for usability.
  • We carry out text optimization of pages.
  • We add the Directory and Google Business to another citation website, link them to the required regions.
  • We are working on internal linking
  • We correct the current external links so that the media, your partners, correctly link to the site (anchor, link)
  • We identify and remove bad links that lower their positions
  • We develop a strategy for building a natural link mass.
  • We increase CTR by optimizing snippets, correct micro-markup, and registration in Google My Business.
  • We increase conversion by correcting calls to action, formalized benefits
  • We increase the time on the site by processing texts for better and usability.
  • Let’s set goals for fixing requests from the site: calls and requests.
  • We will rework the priorities in queries in favor of words with high conversions and bring your customers exactly.
  • We will increase the return on the pages by customizing them for the interests of the target audience.

SEO Service in Bd for Business Website

When starting the SEO of a large project, one of the most important components of successful work is a thorough audit of the site for technical junk, duplicate pages and spam. The presence of such problems negatively affects the quality of SEO, because the site is filtered according to requests from search engines.

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SEO Service In Bd For Business Website
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You are most welcome to ask any questions, our team is ready to answer.

For effective SEO Results, it is necessary in general to do the following:
  • remove technical waste, duplicate pages;
  • compose the target semantic core of requests;
  • make a forecast for the output of requests and adjust the promotion strategy;
  • create an effective site structure in a large number of pages;
  • optimize texts on pages by removing spam and uniqueizing texts;
  • carry out technical optimization of the site;
  • set up statistics systems on the site;
  • to optimize the external link mass;
  • track conversion conversions.

The attendance of large projects or Business Websites, as a rule, is high, which means that it becomes necessary to track all channels of attracting traffic, because in addition to SEO, it can be contextual advertising, forums, blogs, social networks, off-Page SEO, etc. But tracking and analytics of visits through various channels should be carried out in the context of the goals that the site pursues.

In general, the following points can be noted that affect the return on the site and allow it to increase:
  • the site itself, created for people;
  • usability of the site;
  • unique and interesting content on the pages;
  • the presence of a customized analytics system and tracking conversion conversions;
  • work with reviews and other PR activities, including PR promotion of the resource;
  • hidden marketing;
  • marketing strategy for project development, as well as content strategy;
  • internet marketing and analytics:
  • resource technical support;
  • project approach to the project;
  • integrated project management.

Considering the volume and complexity of the work, as well as the criticality of the deadlines, it is best to use a project approach for a project, when all work is concentrated in the hands of one project team, which includes experts in their fields (SEO, context, usability, Internet marketing and analytics, PR, SMM, technical support, copy writing, etc.), engaged in their direction. 

Due to well-functioning business processes, work within this group allows you to reduce by 50% the time spent on implementing recommendations and, in general, achieving a result, because you do not have to control the work of various contractors and constantly agree on some nuances, but control of all stages of work by leading analysts allows you to always maintain the quality of work at a high level.

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